Kinetic Strategies has a proven and battled tested recruiting process designed to provide quality candidates and client oversight. Our recruiting team performs over 1000 interviews each year resulting in over 400 new hires per year for our clients. We can engage on individual projects or act as your dedicated recruiting organization. We offer flexibility, as demand increases we surge to meet your needs; conversely, we reduce engagement (and expenses) if demand weakens, allowing our clients granular control over recruiting expenses.

Whether contingency or open positions, we can surge to meet your recruiting demand

Our Process

Each recruiting project is advertised across multiple career sites, generating the highest probability of candidate reach. Once candidates begin to flow in, we vet the candidates for technical, educational, clearance and company fit (ethos/culture). Our recruiting process centered around quality that succently moves candidates through six stages – Initial Review, Secondary Review, Final Review, Interview/Testing and Down Selection prior to our recommendation. Each candidate is recorded pass or fail, in the our Master Candidate Log to ensure you can trace the path of each candidate who submitted a resume.

Initial Review. Resumes are reviewed and weighed against the Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSAs) provided for each labor category. This is a triage review to separate the blatantly unqualified from the potentially qualified. We coordinate with you to determine what non-qualification based requirements should be reviewed against (relocation, pay scale, corporate fit and focus areas) based on your unique requirements. 

Secondary Review. During the Secondary Review, the candidates who passed the Initial (triage) Review are separated by the clearly and exceptionally qualified candidates and the candidates, which require further review or verification. The candidates who are clearly and/or exceptionally qualified move directly to the interview stage. The candidates still in question are moved to the Final Review Stage.

Final Review. In this stage a final pass/fail determination is made for each remaining candidate. This stage requires a more detailed review and research (online and/or by phone) to move to the Interview Stage. Candidates meeting the position requirements are sent an email invitation to schedule an interview through our online scheduling portal.  

Interview and Testing. During the phone interview we follow a consistent process beginning with a general conversation and warm up to gauge the candidates personality and fit within your company; we then give a high level overview of the position; and finally questions to ensure they candidate meets the position and general company requirements. 

Driving Recruiting Excellence through well defined repeatable processes

During the interview process, we create a candidate file for each candidate interviewed to track the data obtained during the process. The candidate file is a single document and point of data collection for the viable candidates including Job Description, Contact Information, Questions and Answers, Resume, Education, References, Certifications and Test results. This candidate file living document we update through the process and becomes part of our recommendation package.

At the end of the interview, if the recruiter deems the candidate a bonafide candidate, they will be invited back for a follow up interview and testing. We develop standard testing questions with your input that clarifies our understanding of the candidates ability to perform the position requirements. We can also use your testing model if you would prefer. 

Recommendation. We repeat the interview process until we have at least two highly qualified candidates to fill your position. We then rank those candidates and recommend the highest ranked. This ensures we have back up candidates in the event they do not accept your offer.