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Proposal Development

Our proposal managers, subject matter experts and proposal support personnel provide clear, concise and compliant proposal support.


We provide Small Business Innovation Research Consultants to transfer your innovative solutions into a compliant winning submission.

BD and Capture

Our BD and Capture Management team increases your win probability by positioning your proposal through qualified opportunity/agency intelligence.


The recruiters have broad industry knowledge and provide not only “A” candidate, but “THE” candidate. We immerse ourself in your program/organization to ensure we vet for both position and fit.


Clear branding sends a clear and positive image of your company or project. Whether you are a start up or poised for the next growth phase, our branding team will develop and implement a targeted brand


Just need an Outline (RFP or SBIR)? Want to be sure your team is solid, what about a Capability Matrix? Do you need Independent Reviewers (Pink or Red Teams)?. How about boring an Acronym List?

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  • Does your homework help you learn

    Does your homework help you learn essay

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